we have started: week 1 recap

It’s official: we can say we are building our home! The work started last Monday, so today we are a week into building. This is going to be a quick post of photos of the first steps of getting the lot ready and the first process of digging the footers. Right now, I’m not proficient in my house building vocabulary, sbobet asia however by the end of the process, I’m sure I will know more than I wish to know!

Here’s a before photo of our lot with my husband marking the few trees that had to come down before we started building. It looked like a jungle and you could barely see him down at the bottom of the lot… thank goodness for that bright red shirt!

… and after the area was mowed (thanks to a dear friend with a great mower! Um, you are so good at this, how about bringing that mower back every couple of weeks once the house is built, please?!)

… and after the trees were cut, here’s our daughter standing where our new house will be standing!

It has been so neat to watch it go from a bunch of weeds to this in just a week!

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