recipe for a house: a dash of rebar and a heaping serving of concrete plus a little cleanup

We were so grateful over the weekend when Jonathan’s Dad did some major mowing and cleanup on the bottom of our lot. Basically, it looked like a jungle. You know, from this post, you could barely see a person standing in the bottom part. So I guess “mowing” isn’t the correct word for what he did, but we are grateful. It looks a million percent better.

Oh and speaking of not knowing the correct words… I am now going to attempt to show you the process of our footers yesterday. Basically this is my “holly version” of pouring footers for a house…

Some big concrete trucks showed up with this really big truck (guess he was the pump truck) that had a REALLY long arm started pouring a ton of concrete in the footer holes on top of all the rebar.

Then there was this guy… he had a cool remote control thingy that made the “arm” go wherever he wanted. I know Jonathan really wanted to get a hold of that thing!

Then, all the guys started smoothing out the concrete, one on his knees with a trowel, the others with shovels, etc. smoothing the concrete as it came out of the “arm”. Wow, that’s it. Really technical description, thankyouverymuch.

Here’s the full-length motion picture of the work yesterday
{not really, just 22 seconds}

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