building our home: pouring the foundation

Looking back at the past few weeks, so many things have happened in our home building process

These weeks have been a little more on the stressful side as we have been having to make some permanent decisions about moving a wall to give us more space in one area and deciding about plumbing fixtures, flooring and starting to think about counter tops.

home building

Now on to the foundation

I have to say I have learned quickly that building a house causes you to second-guess all of your dream home ideas. Anything that I have had as a “definite” in my mind is questioned, I guess because I was ten when my parents built our home and I can still remember the process. Also, I know these are pretty permanent long-term decisions and I am afraid of making the wrong ones. We’ve said “yes” only to change our answer to “no” on some things and “no” only to change it to “yes”.Tri7  It has made us feel a bit out of character, but I guess the stress of having to make so many big decisions happen to make you feel a bit overwhelmed.

My last post was about the sand that filled the blocks. Next came the electrical and plumbing preparations. We found this picture on our time lapse camera that I loved. South Alabama humidity and the hot summer sun… these guys have a pretty smart idea…

I love their creative use for a tent- Definitely a good idea!

Here are some photos of the process:

We couldn’t help ourselves and wanted to watch the next part:

Pouring the foundation…

The sun was hot and bright and yes, we were truly amazed to see these guys standing in boots walking around in concrete. They worked so quickly and made it look so easy (I know it is not easy at all, that is why they are the professionals!) This process went so fast and they were walking on it the same day!

And this is what it looked like the next morning: We have a foundation!

This week, they started framing and wow, what a difference a day makes in this process

huge visible differences daily and with each visit we get more and more excited to call this place “home”! We’re trying not to rush the process, as we are enjoying every step (well, almost, ha!), but savoring it with the constant thought that this is a big part of our family’s life, praying this home will be a place where we raise children to love God and have moments we treasure with family and friends for years to come.

Oh and if you have ever built a home, we’d love to hear your suggestions for “what not to forget” for us and our readers/future readers… I’ve been reading up on lists of things we make sure we have in our home… like an outlet in the vacuum storage closet. Let us know by commenting below!

Thanks for reading.


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